Friday, September 3, 2010

Sorry Sorry

Been a few days since my last update and I apologize! I have been sick and not much knitting action has taken place.

1. I messed up my cashmere hank and had to send it off to a nice girl from the Knot a Problem group on ravelry.

- Hopefully she can untangle it.

- and Hopefully she doesnt steal it. 0_0

2. We have our first FOLLOWER of the blog! Thank you, thank you! When I'm famous I'll make sure I dont forget you! *bows*

3. I found this amazing comic strip Knit Princess, Go to the first one and READ THEM ALL. It's amazing! :)

4. Started the Linen Stitch Scarflet. Knitted it ALL day yesterday. And its only halfway done. Its awesome knit though.

5. Messed up already on the second half of Golden. Going to have to rip it.

And Im so sad! yesterday was going to be my intro to the knitting world officialy by going to Yarns to dye for and more's open knit night. but...I dont have money for gas so I couldnt go. ;_;

Thats it for now!

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