Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Back from the dead

Been SO SO SO busy...Im sorry blog. But I come bearing a lot of pictures! :)

My holey mittens I made. first mittens ever and besides that hole in one of them and the purly bump on the other thumb they are fantastic! :)

Knitted up a scarf for my Grandmother (a la Christmas).

I have more pictures but they are on my laptop and I cannot be bothered to even start to deal with that thing. Still working on Golden and thats about it right now. Might start another pair of mittens soon though. I am participating in 11 mittens in 2011. Look it up on ravelry! :) I'm really excited about it.
Oh and ive learned to spin a little. :)

Until next time....


Thursday, December 2, 2010


I have nothing accomplished as for christmas knitting. I even have two requests this year and I just have NOT had time! I HAVE to knit a mini dog sweater, a baby hat, a regular hat, and a pair of socks.


Right now I am working on an adult hat using the yarn she donated to me because it is acrylic, and OLD acrylic. So...I am using her yarn she gave me for her present. OH and another adult hat for my girlfriend but not until I see how this one turns out.

I am in the middle of trying to get my CNA and today I have to go apply places because, well, I need a job. So I am in the process of drinking my coffee. :)

Sunday, November 7, 2010


I am totally at a standstill with my knitting! Because I have no money to buy more needles or any new supplies, which means I have to work with what I have, and while I have an ok sized amount of yarn, I do not have an ok size amount of needles and that makes me frustrated. I need to get cracking on christmas presents but I just dont have it in me.

Im kind of depressed about my knitting too right now anyways. I finished the Joan of Arc and I put my own design of a border around it but I just messed the whole project up and it looks weird. A lot of the things I make end up looking weird. :( And that what makes me depressed. And that's the real reason I do not knit right now.

I need to get out of my funk! Hmmm....Maybe looking at yarn porn on ravelry will help. :D

Monday, October 18, 2010

Too little Time

SO much going on in my life right now, still working on joan of arc. I move to indiana on thursday so hopefully then I can get you all an update then. Wont have a job so no new yarn lately either and none til I can find a job out there.

Spent the weekend with my girlfriend since she was in town and I wont see her again until thanksgiving week. But yes. Lots to do lots going on. Hope everyone had a good weekend!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Dream Big

Hello everyone sorry! Sorry Sorry! Been busy. Not a lot going on in my knitting life. And this is a quick update so sorry once again for no pictures.

Working on Joan of Arc with some kind of crazy soft acrylic. Never felt anything so soft that was acrylic. Havent started my girlfriends protection motif yet. I have to practice my M1left and right first. And learn how to read cables on a chart. LOL FAIL. I was supposed to have this pillow done BY friday. And I havent even started it. Oh well she will get it eventually.

Hello new follower! I don't know who you are but THANK YOU and welcome!

Also finished a Linen Stitch scarflet. Its beautiful but I think I sewed on the buttons wrong. Oh well they are candy corn buttons so who cares! :)

Also I want to go here. wildpurls.com in Billings, Montana and then I want to visit Red Lodge. :) Gotta go!!!!!!!! Computer is dieing.

Friday, September 3, 2010

Sorry Sorry

Been a few days since my last update and I apologize! I have been sick and not much knitting action has taken place.

1. I messed up my cashmere hank and had to send it off to a nice girl from the Knot a Problem group on ravelry.

- Hopefully she can untangle it.

- and Hopefully she doesnt steal it. 0_0

2. We have our first FOLLOWER of the blog! Thank you, thank you! When I'm famous I'll make sure I dont forget you! *bows*

3. I found this amazing comic strip Knit Princess, Go to the first one and READ THEM ALL. It's amazing! :)

4. Started the Linen Stitch Scarflet. Knitted it ALL day yesterday. And its only halfway done. Its awesome knit though.

5. Messed up already on the second half of Golden. Going to have to rip it.

And Im so sad! yesterday was going to be my intro to the knitting world officialy by going to Yarns to dye for and more's open knit night. but...I dont have money for gas so I couldnt go. ;_;

Thats it for now!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Cake Sock

My yummy let them eat cake yarn has NOT come in yet....Which has me a little more than dissapointed and a little more than mad. But! Look at the delicious Plymouth yarn I got from the yarn crawl! (first picture) and also included in that picture is the chunky acrylic i got from walmart to make my friend a baby blanket.

Just bought this! Picked out two kinds of stitches I liked for my Plymouth yarn to make a scarf. :p Its gonna be hott.

Anddd my friends baby blankey.
When my yarn gets here I have to do a test swatch, and measure my foot for socks and I gotta get on figuring out how and where and what to do with the whole "cake thing" I want to make my own "cake sock" line. It would be amazing. I can see it now. Hot models in mini top hats and yummy cake socks. Mmmm...Ok enough day dreaming! Until next time. :)