Thursday, August 19, 2010

Cake Sock

My yummy let them eat cake yarn has NOT come in yet....Which has me a little more than dissapointed and a little more than mad. But! Look at the delicious Plymouth yarn I got from the yarn crawl! (first picture) and also included in that picture is the chunky acrylic i got from walmart to make my friend a baby blanket.

Just bought this! Picked out two kinds of stitches I liked for my Plymouth yarn to make a scarf. :p Its gonna be hott.

Anddd my friends baby blankey.
When my yarn gets here I have to do a test swatch, and measure my foot for socks and I gotta get on figuring out how and where and what to do with the whole "cake thing" I want to make my own "cake sock" line. It would be amazing. I can see it now. Hot models in mini top hats and yummy cake socks. Mmmm...Ok enough day dreaming! Until next time. :)

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

beautiful giveaway going on at icelandic blog again!

so saturday went to Yarns to Dye for and More for the yarn crawl, got three skeins of plymouth yarns baby alpaca. One is got grey strips in it and two of them are just creamy goodness. That will turn into a scarf and the one with grey in it will be a hat.

More of an update later my stomach is upset.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Day at the Farm

So totally awesome! 40 dollar gift card giveaway is going on now over here @ icelandic gardener. I think thats wonderful. Im entering to win but I doubt it. I really hope though. That would be awesome! And getting kind of depressed. I dont think im going to make it to 10 YS's to qualify for the grand prize raffle in the Yarn Crawl going on around here. But im still excited to go to my LYS and enter into their raffle! Now pictures galore from my trip with my cousin to the farm by my moms house.
Goaty! Was so cute.
Kristina my cousin being silly.

Poor lone duck!

I had more pictures but what can I say....lazy!

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Adding to destash

So I blindly just bought a 500 yd skein of Femme Fatale Fibers in colorway "Let Them Eat Cake" for 30.00 usd


But its so pretty!
I think I already have a toe-up sock pattern in mind for it. I am supposed to be saving money for a vaca down to KY later this year and now I might be having to save for a new car. But I just could not help myself. Its delicious.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Proud Rainbow

It's always fun to be disowned by your crazy father for being a lesbian so Ive been crying and reading " Sweater Quest" by Adrienne Martini. Not that he hasnt KNOWN about me being the way I am...he just decided today would be the day after knowing for 4 years...I probably wont talk to him for the rest of HIS life. And thats sad. I love my daddy. I wanted my dad back. All I was trying to do was hang out and take my littler sister out to ride her tricycle and see if my dad would talk to me. Well he talked to me.

Well I say FUCK that! Bring on the booze and the yarn. Bahahaha. I have started on working the armholes of Golden in my CC which is a vintage red also by berraco.
Im dreaming of my next big project for fall. A nice thick jacket or a sweater or some mittens!

Actually am really excited for winter ever since I started to learn to knit, :) I shall be warm this winter! Horrah!

Monday, August 2, 2010

bahahahahahaahahaha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My fingers are BLEEDING but ive successfully completed the back part of my skirt.
The agenda is to block this piece tomorrow or as much of it as I can because the sides and the CO edge has to be blocked and then the rest of the day I will be knitting a icord bracelet for my sister since she is moving to KY on saturday I think. :( I will be really sad to see her go.

Also then I have to weave in my ends. And then begin the grueling task of picking up and knitting all of the BO edge in the CC. Which by the way is an AMAZING red!

And ahhh this morning finished transforming my yummy Yarn Chef chiffon into a ball instead of a hank. That was a crazy expirience. If it wasnt 1 in the morning I would run upstairs take a pic and put it up but...alas I am too tired. Will try and post a picture of the deliciousness tomorrow morning. Depends on how long it takes to set up everything for blocking.


Me! :0