Thursday, August 19, 2010

Cake Sock

My yummy let them eat cake yarn has NOT come in yet....Which has me a little more than dissapointed and a little more than mad. But! Look at the delicious Plymouth yarn I got from the yarn crawl! (first picture) and also included in that picture is the chunky acrylic i got from walmart to make my friend a baby blanket.

Just bought this! Picked out two kinds of stitches I liked for my Plymouth yarn to make a scarf. :p Its gonna be hott.

Anddd my friends baby blankey.
When my yarn gets here I have to do a test swatch, and measure my foot for socks and I gotta get on figuring out how and where and what to do with the whole "cake thing" I want to make my own "cake sock" line. It would be amazing. I can see it now. Hot models in mini top hats and yummy cake socks. Mmmm...Ok enough day dreaming! Until next time. :)

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