Sunday, April 4, 2010

Born again dishcloth

finished my "born again dish cloth".

my project

Its a little messed up but I decided I still am going to use it! It took me all day and im still proud of it. :)

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Favorite Yarn of the Day

I want to talk about the top two favorite knitting "designers" or "labels"

First one is Knit Rowan.

1. The website is AMAZINGLY clear and pretty. All white? *goggly eyes*

2. They have some spectacular FREE patterns.

3. Their yarn is delicious. I don't own any. YET. But I will soon!

Alright, so I better stop myself. They just have amazing yarn! Im going to have to delve into nashua another time because right now it is time for me to go out and have some lunch/dinner! Mexican is calling to me.


stay knitty

first post ever

So my first completed project is a Vine Lace headband! I have an account on Ravelry and heres a link to the project page. Bamboo hair candy. its delicious! Actually I gave it to my friend kayla...I dont think shes worn it yet but hey! She seemed to appreciate it. Hopefully she did.

Here are some pictures. (above)

have a wonderfull day everyone! Stay knitty. :)