Saturday, August 7, 2010

Proud Rainbow

It's always fun to be disowned by your crazy father for being a lesbian so Ive been crying and reading " Sweater Quest" by Adrienne Martini. Not that he hasnt KNOWN about me being the way I am...he just decided today would be the day after knowing for 4 years...I probably wont talk to him for the rest of HIS life. And thats sad. I love my daddy. I wanted my dad back. All I was trying to do was hang out and take my littler sister out to ride her tricycle and see if my dad would talk to me. Well he talked to me.

Well I say FUCK that! Bring on the booze and the yarn. Bahahaha. I have started on working the armholes of Golden in my CC which is a vintage red also by berraco.
Im dreaming of my next big project for fall. A nice thick jacket or a sweater or some mittens!

Actually am really excited for winter ever since I started to learn to knit, :) I shall be warm this winter! Horrah!

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