Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Dream Big

Hello everyone sorry! Sorry Sorry! Been busy. Not a lot going on in my knitting life. And this is a quick update so sorry once again for no pictures.

Working on Joan of Arc with some kind of crazy soft acrylic. Never felt anything so soft that was acrylic. Havent started my girlfriends protection motif yet. I have to practice my M1left and right first. And learn how to read cables on a chart. LOL FAIL. I was supposed to have this pillow done BY friday. And I havent even started it. Oh well she will get it eventually.

Hello new follower! I don't know who you are but THANK YOU and welcome!

Also finished a Linen Stitch scarflet. Its beautiful but I think I sewed on the buttons wrong. Oh well they are candy corn buttons so who cares! :)

Also I want to go here. in Billings, Montana and then I want to visit Red Lodge. :) Gotta go!!!!!!!! Computer is dieing.

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