Friday, July 23, 2010

BIG projects

Hey all sorry, lost track of things but ready to get back into the groove! (of the blog I mean),

Working on Golden. Its a berraco pattern. Got it when I went on my very first LYS stop at Yarns To Dye for and More. :)

Also ordered a delicious of Chef Yarn Chiffon. Shes sending it out tomorrow. Dont know how Im going to un"hank" it but....I will figure out a way! Because I am going something with it. :)

sorry for the short post but I have to get a crackin on dinner. Chicken Ceasar salad foccacia sandwiches with Gougères. Yummy.


stay knitty.

P.s. I really need a knitting nickname. Like super knitty. Or flying purl or...something interesting. LOL working on it!

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